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There are 7273 names in this family tree. The earliest recorded event is the birth of Richards, James Sidney in 1059. The most recent event is the death of Batton, William Edwin in 2019.The webmaster of this site is Roy Clark Joiner, Jr.. Please click here if you have any comments or feedback.

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About The Joiner Family by Clark Joiner
The Joiner(s) in this family history are descendants of the sons of John Joiner that died in Nash 
County, North Carolina 1811, Jesse Joiner, Curtis Joiner and John Joiner, Jr. The said John 
Joiner of Nash County, N.C. was deeded 300 acres of land by the State of North Carolina in 1779 and 
the land was later deeded to sons Jesse and Curtis. Jesse, Curtis and John Joiner,Jr. are in Laurens
County, Georgia about 1816 and in 1821 Curtis and John, Jr give brother Jesse, Power of Attorney to
recover funds due them from the estate of Curtis Land, their Uncle, in Sussex County, 
Virginia.  Jesse also receives power of Attorney from his sister, Elizabeth Langley in Nash County, 
N.C., for the same purpose.  John Joiner of Nash County was married to Elizabeth Land, daughter of 
Curtis Land and was likely born in southeastern Virginia about 1735 - 1740's.

Several descendants of John Joiner of Nash County are members of the NATIONAL SOCIETY DAUGHTERS OF 
THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION (DAR).  Their National Numbers are 616919, 616921, 806830, 842359 and 
486868.  The last three DAR members trace their ancestry through John's son Curtis Joiner and his 
son Asa Joiner.  The claim for John Joiner's contribution in the American Revolution is a pay 
voucher found on North Carolina Revolutionary War Pay Vouchers, Roll 68.39, 2980, and 6319.  Jesse 
Joiner, another son of John Joiner, was recognized as being a Revolutionary War Veteran in the LAND 
GRANTS TO GEORGIA REVOLUTIONARY WAR VETERANS. Jesse Joiner of Laurens County, Georgia was a 
fortunate drawer of Land Lot 70, Land District 3 in Muscogee in 1827 and the grant was completed 3 
December 1831. Descendants of John Joiner, Jr. Son of John Joiner of Nash County included in this 
family history likely will not be able to document that they are descendants of John Joiner unless 
Y-DNA evidence is accepted as documentation.  Also, they may have to disprove that John Joiner 
married to Zilpha Hinnant of South Carolina is a son of John Joiner of Nash County as the first two 
DAR members listed above claim. All three sons of John Joiner of Nash County, N.C, Jesse, Curtis and 
John, Jr. are proven to be in Laurens County, Georgia in Feb 1821 by the power of attorney 
documentation found in Sussex County, Virginia and Minutes of the Sussex County, VA court, December 
Tern 1821. In April 2017 Roy Clark Joiner, Jr. AKA Clark Joiner received a 67/65 Y-DNA match with a descendant of John 
Pirie born abt 1788 and died in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, UK. There may be an NPE or the common ancestor goes back 
before surnames were adopted. John Joiner of Nash County, NC was granted 300 acres of land by NC in Nash County in 
1779 9 years before John Pirie was born. 

John Joiner, died in Nash County in 1811, may be a descendant of Thomas Joyner/Joiner that was born 
in Bere Regis, Dorsett, England about 1619 and immigrated to Virginia in 1635.  Ulysses P. Joyner in 
his book, "JOYNER OF SOUTHAMPTON" has a well documented family history of Thomas Joyner/Joiner of 
Dorset England but does not make a connection with John Joiner of Nash County, N.C. It is also 
possible that John Joiner of Nash, N.C. was a descendant of a later (after 1635 - before 1735) 
colonial immigrant from Scotland.  It would be helpful if a known descendant of Thomas Joyner/Joiner 
from Dorset, England be Y-DNA tested to see if they match the Y-DNA of four matching descendants of 
John Joiner of Nash County, N.C.  This website has 631 individuals (as of July 2013)with the
Joyner surname mostly from "JOYNER OF SOUTHAMPTON". "JOYNER OF SOUTHAMPTON" was written in 1974.
Several generations have been born after 1974. In the book many family's history have only been 
recorded through the 1850's to early 1900's.

Y-DNA matches for descendants of John Joiner of Nash County, NC can be seen at Go to the Joiner/Joyner 
surname project and then the Y-Results page. Click to open a new window at top right of page. Matches for descendants of 
John Joiner are in Haplogroup R1b - Lineage II. It would be helpful for more Joiner/Joyner males got Y-DNA tested at the 37 
marker level and joined the Joiner/Joyner surname project at World Families. The Joiner/Joyner Surname Project shows that 
all people with the Joiner/Joyner surname are not related. Find out the TRIBE you belong to by getting Y-DNA tested. 

Much of the information for descendants of Curtis Joiner, son of John Joiner of Nash County,
N.C. comes from a family history by Mary Joiner Pierce, Daughter of Perry Lee Joiner,
"JOINER, MASHBURN AND ALLIED FAMILIES".  Additional information comes from A. H. Clark of
Waycross, Georgia book "ASA JOINER OF MITCHELL COUNTY, Vol. 1".   Mary had made some errors in 
the branch of the family of Roy Clark Joiner,Jr.  Clark Joiner has corrected information on his 
branch of the Joiner Family as far as he is personally aware of.  Clark Joiner has also visited 
grave sites, and talked to some living relatives and obtained information from internet searches, 
court houses, libraries, and other sources normally used in genealogy research. 

The Richards Family information was collected by Donald Ray Richards, Grandson of Albert Simmons 
Richards and Lorena C. Cuneo.  Albert Simmons Richards had written a family history of the Richards 
family that went back to John Alden and Richard Thayer both first settlers of the Plymoth Colony in 
the New World. Other contributors of information on the Richards is Kydia Lee (Tuggie) Richards 
Thomas and Richard Albert Pezoid husband of Clara Emily Richards.  Clara Emily was the daughter of 
Eric K. and Lydia Morgan Garrison Richards and granddaughter of Albert S. and Lorena C. Richards.  
The mother of Roy Clark Joiner, Jr. was Ruby May Richards, daughter of Albert S. and Lorena C. 

Much of the information for the Wells Joiner b. 1809 d.1862 family comes from Kimberly D. Sorbello, 
daughter of Luther Harvey Brady and granddaughter of Ethel Joiner and Great-granddaughter of Walter 
Crawford Joiner and Great-Great-Granddaughter of Wells Joiner. The information that Kimberly had 
came through her sister Ronda Jo Rampy who obtained copies from a Wells Joiner Family Bible from a 
Kerley family.  The wife of Wells Joiner was Celia Ann Elizabeth Causey whose father was Israel 
Causey whose second wife was Margaret Foyle.  Israel and Margaret had a daughter named Margaret Ann 
Causey (1841-1922) who married James Franklin Kerley (1837-1885) My research places Wells Joiner in 
Houston County and Sumter County with Bennett Joiner, my Great-Great-Grandfather.  I can not prove 
that Wells Joiner and Bennett Joiner are brothers as I show on this web site except by Y-DNA match.  
I am pretty sure that Wells Joiner was not born in Sumter County because Sumter County did not exist 
in 1809 and I can prove that Wells and Bennett were in Houston County.  Bennett came from Laurens 
County but I don't think he was born in Laurens County in 1804 because Laurens County did not exist 
then.  Y-DNA matches between a male descendant of Wells Joiner with a male descendant of Bennett 
Joiner and a male descendant of John Joiner of Nash County, N. C., all three with the Joiner 
surname, proves that all three lines have a common ancestor.  The Joiner descendant of Wells Joiner 
has a 65 out of 67 marker match with the descendants of John Joiner and Bennett Joiner  The 
descendant of Bennett Joiner and John Joiner have a perfect 67 marker match.

Mr Hugh Joiner, author of JOINER FAMILY IN MACON AND SURROUNDING COUNTIES,(copy at Macon County 
Library, Montezuma, Georgia) has contributed information on the ancestors of William Joyner, born 
1658 in Isle Wight county, Virginia and son of Thomas Joyner, born 14 Nov 1619, Bere Regis parish, 
Dorset, England - died 1694 Isle Wight County, Virginia.  Hopefully a descendant of this line of 
the Joiner family will  be Y-DNA tested at the 37 marker level or higher.  There are several living 
descendants of this line of the Joiner family.

Some information on the Lewis Joiner family that died in Hamilton County, Florida in 1847 comes 
Sara Joiner McCall.  Information from that source will be indicated by the notation, "WA&SJM" and 
quotation marks.  The web master has obtained some information on this family independently and 
has obtained copies of some of the probate documents on the estate of Lewis Joiner in Jasper, 
Hamilton County, Florida, census records, and the library in Quitman, Brooks County, Georgia.  The 
reader is advised to verify information from the McCall source. Hopefully a descendant of this 
line of the Joiner family will  be Y-DNA tested at the 37 marker level or higher.  There are 
several living descendants of this line of the Joiner family.  On 20 March 2013 a perfect 37 marker 
match between a descendant of Lewis Joiner (1794-1847) and a descendant of Bennett Joiner (1804-
1852) proves they share a common ancestor. He also matches with descendants of Wells and Curtis 

This is a work in progress.  Anyone wanting to contribute information on the Joiner Family can send 
a email to
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Ancestors of Joiner, Roy Clarke
Note: for privacy reasons names of living persons are excluded.
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